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  • biceps muscle — ▪ anatomy  any muscle with two heads, or points of origin (from Latin bis, “two,” and caput, “head”). In human beings, there are the biceps brachii and biceps femoris.       The biceps brachii is a prominent muscle on the front side of the upper… …   Universalium

  • biceps muscle of arm — biceps brachii muscle musculus biceps brachii …   Medical dictionary

  • aponeurosis of biceps muscle of arm — bicipital aponeurosis a. musculi bicipitis brachii …   Medical dictionary

  • fibrous fasciculus of biceps muscle — aponeurosis musculi bicipitis brachii …   Medical dictionary

  • biceps — [ bisɛps ] n. m. • 1704; adj. fin XVIe; mot lat. « qui a deux têtes », de bis et caput → triceps 1 ♦ Anat. Muscle composé de deux portions (ou têtes) distinctes. Le biceps brachial : le biceps (2o). Biceps crural. 2 ♦ Cour. Muscle du bras qui… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Biceps femoris muscle — Biceps femoris Lateral aspect of right leg. Biceps femoris muscle long head labeled …   Wikipedia

  • biceps femoris muscle — biceps muscle of thigh musculus biceps femoris …   Medical dictionary

  • biceps — 1630s (adj.), from L. biceps having two parts, lit. two headed, from bis double (see BIS (Cf. bis )) + ceps comb. form of caput head (see HEAD (Cf. head)). As a noun meaning biceps muscle, from 1640s, so called for its structure. Despite the …   Etymology dictionary

  • Muscle Ischio-Jambier — Muscles ischio jambiers Les muscles ischio jambiers sont des muscles de la cuisse permettant la flexion du genou, ils sont antagonistes du quadriceps (servant à son extension). Ce sont des muscles polyarticulaires qui vont de la hanche jusqu’à… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • muscle — muscleless, adj. muscly, adj. /mus euhl/, n., v., muscled, muscling, adj. n. 1. a tissue composed of cells or fibers, the contraction of which produces movement in the body. 2. an organ, composed of muscle tissue, that contracts to produce a… …   Universalium

  • Biceps — The biceps is a muscle that has two heads or origins. In Latin, biceps means two headed and is derived from bis , twice + caput , head. There is more than one biceps muscle. The biceps brachii is the well known flexor muscle in the upper arm and… …   Medical dictionary

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